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Section 1: Objective 3: Discuss The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer Usage;

Advantages and Disadvantages of computer usage in terms of speed, accuracy, storage and reliability 

(Could not find disadvantages, I guess disadvantages are the opposite of what is written for advantages)

Source: http://accountantsadda.com/user/Inner.aspx?artid=408

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Speed: “ It can perform huge amount of work in a few seconds. Where human being worked a particular work for whole day, computer does the same in very short time. Computer speeds are measured in Microseconds, Nanoseconds and even in Pico seconds.”

“The computer is  very high speed electronic device. The operations on the data inside the computer are performed through electronic circuits according to the given instructions. Computers can perform millions of operations in one second. The computer generates signals during the process therefore the speed of computers is usually measured in mega hertz (MHz) or gega herts (GHz). It means million cycles units of frequency per second.”

Accuracy: “ Accuracy: The computer is 100% accurate and capable to perform arithmetical calculation and logical operations with the same accuracy. A computer can commit errors but at the fault of human beings. It may be due to inaccurate feeding of data or due to wrong setting of the programmer.”

“In addition to being very fast, the computer is also a very accurate device. It gives accurate output results provided that the correct input data and set of instructions are given to the computer. If input data is incorrect then the resulting output will be incorrect. In computer terminology it is known as garbage-in garbage-out.”

Storage: “A computer has internal storage (memory) as well as external or secondary storage. In secondary storage a large amount of data and programs (set of instructions) can be stored for future use. The stored data and programs are available any time for processing”

Reliability: “The electronic components in modern computers have very low failure rates. The modern computer can perform very complicated calculations without creating any problem and produces consistent (reliable) results. In general, computers are very reliable.”